What is Healing Lines?

The name is an expression of a combination of healing practices and wisdom teachings. There is a core need for both in our modern lives, but we often want to go straight for the healing and gloss over the wisdom and spirituality. It is easy to see why healing is important, whether for our own health or as a society. Everything from stress and disease to toxic or broken relationships is a cry for healing. The anger and injustice and suffering in the world is a cry for healing. Modern science may be progressing faster than ever to address our physical problems, but there's so much more to us that isn't yet understood. And this is where the beauty of energy healing comes in. Healers believe in working upstream, treating the whole human being before our bodies start to break down from stress, environmental, or genetic influences. And the wisdom teachings help us to integrate the healing, showing us what it means to live as whole human beings and not shattered or divided souls. This combination is deep and takes time to work, but the change is drastic and, most importantly, lasting. The greatest gift is that when we heal ourselves, the healing will start to spread to those around us, radiating out through our families, friends, and communities. This work is my deep wish for you to be your fully realized self, so that others may find healing as well.